/ Who
We Are

e.bricks ventures is a Brazilian Venture Capital platform founded in 2013 by two entrepreneurial families, Sirotsky and Szajman, known by their leading economic groups, Grupo RBS and Grupo VR respectively, alongside a multidisciplinary team of partners.

As part of e.bricks Ventures strategy, our group of limited partners is comprised of relevant industry leaders from different industry segments and regions, who are committed in the  support of entrepreneurship as a means to impact the economy and people lives.

/ Work

We work closely with execution-driven entrepreneurs to build robust companies. Our partners and advisors have operational experience in sales, technology, business development, entrepreneurship, and an unparalleled market network. We invest in business models that, through technology, address inefficiencies in different market segments.

/ Investment

Brazil combines high-growth opportunities with huge inefficiencies, creating the perfect landscape for tech disruption. Our target investment ranges from R$1M to a total of R$25M in minority stakes. Our preferred segments are financial services, education, health and SaaS solutions for small and medium businesses.