Acesso Digital is an IDTech that believes in creating a digital society, with more security for transactions and facilities for people daily lives, through digital identity. Its current portfolio includes biometric facial recognition, digital admission and electronic signature solutions.

Founded in 2007, its first product aimed to digitizing documents, operating already as a B2B SaaS company. In 2015, it pivoted its business towards the growing digital identity market and quickly became a reference, gaining clients in the bank, retail, e-commerce, fintech and telecom segments in Brazil. The company financed its growth with its own capital, until recently when it received the first fund investment. The accelerated growth is the result of the value generated to its customers, whether in the reduction of identity fraud, in the digital transformation of HR, or in the complete removal of friction in all the onboarding processes and transactions that its solutions solve.

The Acesso Digital customer base is solid, formed by large companies extremely rigorous in information security and total compliance with data protection laws.

Endeavor member since 2011, it has a diverse advisory board composed of Nelson Mattos, former VP of engineering and product at IBM and Google, Sergio Chaia, former CEO of Nextel and VP Latin America at Symantec, Fernanda Weiden, specialist in infrastructure and information security, formerly Google, IBM and Facebook, and Pedro Sirotizky Melzer representing e-bricks ventures. Acesso Digital currently has more than 200 employees and has been recognized three times as one of the best companies to work for by Great Place to Work.



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