Sanar is a health startup from Brazil whose services are 100% online. Sanar aims to be, within 4 years, the first company to be present in the whole journey of medical doctors and other health professionals. Today, the startup has clients in over 5K Brazilian cities and 7 other countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Portugal.

Our mission is to offer all the tools medical doctors need to become super-doctors. The demand for these professionals in society is rising rapidly and therefore they need to be more and more productive and empathetic. Thus, they’ll need access to quality content and education.”, explains Ubiraci Mercês, Sanar CEO.


In order to help accomplish this mission, Sanar has built products for each moment of the medical journey:

  • Sanarflix: optimizing med school.
  • Sanar Residência Médica: preparation for passing Brazil’s pre-residency exams.
  • Sanar Revalida: For physicians graduated in a non-Brazilian University who want to work in Brazil.
  • Sanar Pós-Graduação em Medicina: Helping doctors become specialists in their own way.
  • Sanar Up: Hassle-free med student loans.
  • Sanar Yellowbook: Being fully prepared for point-of-care during medical shifts.
  • Sanar Medicina: Free and reliable medical content hub.Sanar Medicina: free and reliable medical content hub.




Ubiraci Mercês
Maurício Lima
Leandro Lima
Caio Nunes